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Our Family Past helps you to turn facts about your family into stories. Families like yours are using Our Family Past to create, preserve and share stories about the people, places and events in their past. Have a look at their stories.

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Our Family Past is easy to use. You can create a story within minutes and then build on it over the years. Your story can be updated and grown when you find more about your family’s past. Find out how easy it is to use Our Family Past.

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Our Family Past allows you to create stories and narratives about the lives of your many ancestors. Our FREE introductory subscription allows you to create and share a basic story that includes images and sound recordings. You can upgrade to a standard subscription (US$59) as you grow your story. Get started now with a FREE introductory subscription.

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Our Family Past lets you share your story with family members and others. You can choose to make your story private and only available to the people that you invite. If you want, you can invite some of them to help write or contribute to the story. You can also choose to make your story public and available for reading by everybody. Get started on creating your story with a free introductory subscription.

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