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The Croger Story

This is the story of the Crogers who emerged in the East End of London in the eighteenth century. They were makers, musicians and shopkeepers. As the twentieth century started, they spread out rapidly and a clan of them moved to Australia. This is a story in progress. Future lives are being created and past lives are being discovered.

The Reading Family Story

In 1819, two London lads were tried and found guilty for the unlikely crime of stealing bees wax. Henry Reading, the younger lad, spent a year in the squalid hulks on the Thames and was then sent as a convict to Van Diemen’s Land. He gained his freedom and in a rags to riches story, became one of the richest men in the colony. This is the story of Henry Reading and his family.

Cob, Vic, Henry & All

This story is about the family background of Judith Parkes and her siblings Helen and Barry. Judith was born in Sydney, Australia in 1931, the third and youngest child to Vic and Cob Parkes. Cob was the youngest child of Sir Henry Parkes, a towering figure in Australian history. Judith’s family have links to the early days of European settlement in Australia.

Standish Family Stories

The Standishes hailed from England but had connections with Ireland. Myles Standish captained the Mayflower which took the Pilgrims to the New World in 1620. Later Standishes were among the first wave of European settler families to make their homes in country Victoria in Australia. Here are some threads of the stories of the Standishes and related families.

The Johnsons of Deepwater - by Josephine Colahan

Henry Parkes & Families