HAA007 Image Credits

HAA007 Introduction: Why I Chose Samuel Sheepwash!

Chart of Family Relationship - My relationship to the Sheepwash name. Evelyn Wiseman Mitchell (2016, June).

Samuel Sheepwash - Artist: Evelyn Wiseman Mitchell (2016, June).

Extract of CON33/1/107 - Tasmanian Archives and Heritage Office. CON33: Hobart Conduct Registers of Male Convicts Arriving in The Period of the Probation System, 11 Mar 1852 to 03 Jul 1852 [digitised record]. Hobart, Tasmania. CON33/1/107 Fairlie, image 242., Sheepwash, Samuel. Retrieved 2 May, 2016


HAA007 Main Story: Samuel Sheepwash Transported to Australia

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Image of Sailing Ship - Artist: Evelyn Wiseman Mitchell (2016, June).

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HAA007 Breakout 1: The Convict Ship "Fairlie"

Image of Sailing Ship - Artist: Evelyn Wiseman Mitchell (2016, June).

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