James Henry Molloy

The article below is from the Williamstown Chronicle (Vic.: 1856 - 1954), Sat 4 Mar 1893, Page 3.[1], where James Molloy chronicles his service over sixty years. Although his recollections was not exact, it has been the basis for further research.

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James Molloy was born about 1812 near Ballybrittas in the parish of Lea, Queens County, (Laois). As the newspaper article records he had an illustrious career in Public Service in many parts of the world. As yet it has not been proven by documents but it is thought when he arrived on the Fairlie as a pensioner guard he was accompanied by a family: wife, Winnefred and two daughters, Margaret and Mary.[2] What became of them is uncertain. Mary is recorded as being on the sick list during the Fairlie voyage.[3] James was also recorded as sick during the voyage with chronic hepatitis.[4]

In 1854 James married Charlotte Kennett at the Minister's House, Sandhurst (now Bendigo), Victoria.[5] They had five children before going to Waikato, NZ. and another three children were born in New Zealand.

According to family accounts he died in Suva, Fiji at the age of 82 years on 9 Apr 1894. He was survived by his wife and seven of their eight children.



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