This is the story of the Croger family and of the many other families with whom the Crogers mingled and married. It is a story of many lives in many places. Some are exciting, some are quite ordinary and some are tragic.

All family histories emerge from the fog of the past (see the Pre-History of the Crogers). This story first takes form in 1769 in the East End of London with the marriage of Nathaniel Croger to Rachel Murcatt.

The Crogers lived in the East End for over a century, in and around Wentworth Street, Whitechapel, before some made the move to North London and then further afield. They were makers, musicians and shopkeepers. As the twentieth century started, 3 branches of the family emerged: the piano makers, the umbrella makers and the fishmongers. The family spread out rapidly: one Croger settled in New York and a couple of clans moved to Australia.

This is a story in progress. Future lives are being created and past lives are being discovered. Articles are being added and updated. I set out some sources and acknowledgements here.

I am Peter Croger, a great-great-great-great-great-gransdon of Nathaniel. Many members of my broad family from around the world are helping me to piece togther, to share and to preserve our story.